5 Best Places To Place Wedding Banners

Wedding banners is such a great idea! A customized wedding banner will definitely be a great way to surprise the newlyweds! However, if this is your first time to do this, where are the best places to hang wedding banners that will really surprise the newlyweds?

  1. The back of the car – this is a great idea but this may not be such a surprise but it’s the thought that counts right! You can customize wedding banners with an image or you can incorporate some wedding qoutes there. They will definitely appreciate the effort. For this, you can gho for a small customized banner that will fit in the back window of the vehicle or the back of a pick-up truck. You can use the trunk as leverage to hang the banner.
  2. Roadside – this will also be a great surprise and in fact, one of the best places to hang wedding banners. You can place this on the route from the wedding ceremony site to the reception site. You just have to find out their route!
  3. Entrance of the reception – a customized hanging fabric banner to display at the reception will be perfect. Use an image of the couple or find a quote that matches both personalities.
  4. Home – another great place to hang wedding banners and it will definitely surprise them. Imagine going home with a huge banner congratulating you? Now, that’s lovely! In this case, it is best that you order the biggest banner!
  5. Honeymoon – if you are lucky to know the exact location of their honeymoon, you can have a wedding banner there. That will be perfect and it will be one of the most thoughtful wedding gift ever!

Those are some of the best places where you can hang wedding banners. This is a perfect gift idea as well. Since these wedding banners are not meant to be put up for a long time, you can settle for cheap banners instead. There are a lot of these that you can find online and you can also find other great banners like graduation banners and others. You will definitely love the wide selection of these banners.

Also, you can customize it your own or have a professional customize it for you. All you have to do is tell them your ideas and maybe you can have your ideas combined together to create a more beautiful wedding banner.

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