5 Ways to Conserve Energy

People today are looking for ways to conserve energy. Electricity bills are getting more and more expensive every month and people are usually caught frowning down at their electricity bills. Aside from this, with the many natural disasters that are taking place all over the world, it is clearly nature’s way to deliver a message and one way that you can help sav ethe environment is through conserving energy.

Here are some ways to conserve energy:

1. Insulation – you always have to make sure that your home or business is well insulated. Check every window and make everything is sealed when closed. A double pane window will be perfect because this can help out the warm aur during the summer and the cold during the winter months. Aside from this, you also have to make sure that your doors are properly sealed and replace bad weather seals to make sure there is no air passing by. If you have an attic, check if there is an adequate insulation.

2. Check your systems – for example, you have to make sure that your furnace has new filters and you change them regularly. During the winter, set your thermostat at 65 degrees during the day and 55 at night. Doing this will save a significant amount of energy and it can also help reduce energy cost. During the summer, you can set your thermostat at 78 degrees during the day and 85 at night for maximum savings. A programmable thermostat is highly recommended because it can save money by setting different temperatures for days that you work and during the weekends.

3. Light bulbs – conventional incandescent bulbs must be switched to compacty flourescent lamps. LED bulbs are also the best replacement.

4. Water conservation – twater is something that is often taken for granted but conserving water can save energy and save us money as well.

5. Electricity source alternatives – there are now more alternatives, solar energy is the most popular because eof its benefits and more and more people are building their own solar panels or purchasing them. This saves you a lot of energy and you never have to worry about electricity bills anymore.

There are more ways to save energy, all you have to do is look around you. From there, you will definitely see a lot of things that you can change in order to conserve energy.

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