Caring for your antique wood furniture

Your antique wood furniture needs as much care more than your other furniture. This is because antique wood furniture are very valuable and the same time, you paid a lot for it. The best thing to do and to maintain and preserve it for another century and pass it down to the next generation is to care for it. So, how do you care for your antique wood furniture?

Tips to maintain your antique wood furniture

Your home’s temperature can greatly affect the condition of your antique wood furniture. If your home is dry, it can cause wood furniture to dry out and possibly shrink while a damp home can cause mold to develop on your antique wood furniture. Antique wood furniture is best when it is kept in a consistent environments where the temperature and humidity do not vary much.

Also, do not place your antique wood furniture near a heat source. It can loose joints and veneers and warp the shape of your antique wood furniture. Intense heat can soften the furniture polish as well and it sometimes leave white scars. Always remember not to place hot coffee or tea cups on the surface of the antique wood furniture as this can cause marks. Get some coasters instead.

It is also known that light is another factor that can damage your antique wood furniture. Whether natural of artificial light, when both intense, can change finishes and if it’s harsh enough, it can break down the wood over time. In order to prevent this from happening, install blinds or curtains to reduce the amount of light your furniture gets.

Alcohol or nail polish has the ability to soften any polish on your antique wood furniture and it can leave a mark if it’s not cleaned up immediately. Water has the same similar effects which is why it is important to use a coaster with any drinks that are being set on the furniture.

These simple tips will help you preserve your antique wood furniture. If that furniture has managed to last for a century or so, you can do that as well and make it even more valuable by taking care of it in the right way. These caring tips are not difficult to follow. So, if you have antique wood furniture in your home, then simply apply these tips and your antique wood furniture will last for a longer time.

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