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Tips to write a best man wedding speech

A best man wedding speech needs to be meaningful and at the same time with humor. If a friend of yours has given you the honor to be the best man at his wedding, it is time that you prepare your speech. Writing it down will help or you can just do it in a spontaneous manner, but you will have to remember some few things.

First, you need to remember that your best man speech should only last for 5 minutes, maximum. It should not exceed because people will get bored or lose interest on what you’re saying. Secondly, talk about a few things how you met the groom and why did he made you as his best man. Thirdly, mention and compliment the bride. Remember that whatever you say in the speech should not offend the bride or anyone else in the wedding. Also, make sure that everyone can relate to what you’re saying, don’t just stand there and talk about secret codes or secret escapades you had with the groom as people will lose interest.

Being a best man is such an honor and you should show your gratitude towards the groom and the bride as well. Thank everyone who came and thank the newlyweds, their families and friends too. It is very important that you keep everything in neutral “mode” and add some humor. Simple funny remarks will do. It is very important that you add a touch of humor because this will perk up the interest of the guests and it will surely be appreciated not only by the groom but his bride as well. Humor is very important, as much as possible keep them smiling or laughing but don’t forget to add some sincere remarks as well.

Don’t be overly serious in your speech. That’s the trick. Keep them entertained and keep their eyes, ears and attention glued to you and you will surely nail that speech. If you’re nervous, you can shorten the speech but make sure that the speech is meaningful and sincere. However, if you wrote the speech in a piece of paper, it is best that you don’t read it in front of the crowd. You can bring it over while you’re having your speech and you can take a peek from time to time but reading it straight from the paper will lose its meaning and sincerity. Remembering these things will really help you make an awesome best man wedding speech that will surely not be forgotten by the newlyweds and the wedding guests as well.


What are the best man duties in a wedding?

There are best man duties that a best man should do, the same with the maid of honor. Since you’re the best man you will be the groom’s right hand all throughout the preparation before the wedding and the wedding day itself. That is why you need to be dependable and trustworthy because this only happens once in the life of the groom. Make the most out of it and you should be honored to have been given the responsibility, it means that the groom treasures you as one of his closest friends.

Here are some of the general best man duties:

  • Plan and organize the bachelor party.
  • Make sure that all the groomsmen have the proper wedding attire and have been for all their fittings.
  • Collect and return all the groomsmen’s formal wear rentals after the wedding day.
  • Be present at all the pre-wedding parties including the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Help the groom to get dresses on the day of the wedding.
  • You will need to distribute and be sure that the entire male wedding party and wearing their buttonhole corsages.
  • Payment of the pastor’s fee.
  • Organize the ushers. They should arrive before the ceremony.
  • Don’t forget the wedding rings.
  • Sign the wedding register as witness.
  • Help them inside the car after the wedding ceremony.
  • If there’s no hired driver, it’s your task to drive the newlyweds to their wedding reception.
  • You should manage and organize the ushers in the wedding reception.
  • Mingle with the guests.
  • You will do the first toast, so prepare a speech.
  • Dance with the maid of honor.
  • Make sure that all the gifts are taken from the recption back to the couple’s home.
  • Make sure that their honeymoon bags are packed.

Being a best man can be a tedious task since you will be organizing and managing a lot of things, but since this is for your friend do the best that you can do and do these duties as this is expected from you because you’re the best man. You can also coordinate with the maid of honor when you’re in the ceremony or reception but the maid of honor can’t help you with everything because she will be taking care of the bride. Doing these best man duties will surely be appreaciated not only by the groom but by the whole wedding party.

Some short best man speeches

Are you looking for short best man speeches or are you aiming for one? Short best man speeches can be done and delivered well as long as the whole speech is meaningful and funny at the same time. Putting meaning and humor in your short speech is a perfect balance and you can appeal to the guests. A short speech is fine, in fact this is better because wedding ceremonies usually have a lot of parts and people don’t want to listen to a really long speech.

Here are some tips to make your short speech work:

  • If you are first to speak which is very likely, thank the guests for coming.
  • Say something light and amusing to break the ice. This will help people to respond to you and they will feel more relaxed.
  • You can make a joke about the groom, something from your relationship with him.
  • Comment on the couple like how well suited they are, how happy they are together and how your friend changed for the better when he met his bride.
  • Thanks them for giving you the chance to be the best man in their wedding and how honored you are.

This can be done in less than two minutes but make sure that your speech will be heartfelt and with humor. As said above, not all the guests want to listen to long speeches. You don’t need to make a long speech to be appreciated and for you to play your part well because your mere presence in their wedding is enough and they are only asking you for a short speech as this has become a tradition and the guests would also like to hear what the best man would have to say about the groom. The groom will deeply appreciate it and the bride as well.

Keep everything simple yet meaningful and funny and you will surely catch the attention of the guests and the newlyweds as well and they will forever grateful for your speech. Remember, do not make jokes that can offend the bride or the groom and also make sure that whatever you’re saying, the guests will not feel out-of-place as this can lose the meaning of your speech and make it boring. Also, this will make the guests lose interest in your speech. A short speech is much better than those long speeches and hopefully these short best man speeches tips will help you create a short speech for yourself.

Examples of best man speeches

You will find some examples of best man speeches in this article. If it’s going to be your first time to deliver a speech in front of a crowd, then this will be very helpful to you. It is such an honor to be asked to be a best man. That is why you need to give the best speech possible.

Before anything else, here are some basic tips.

  • Plan your best man speech well in advance
  • speak from the heart
  • share thoughts and experiences
  • you can share some humorous incidents concering the time running up to the wedding but make very sure you do not embarrass either the groom or the bride.
  • Treat the bride and groom with utmost respect especially in front of the whole crowd
  • your speech should only last for about 5 minutes.

Here is the outline that you should follow for your best man speech:

  • start by welcoming the guest to the wedding especially if you’re the first speaker
  • thank the groom for giving and trusting you with the responsibility of best man
  • compliment the bride
  • talk about your relationship with the groom. This will also be the ideal time for humorous anecdotes about the groom but do not embarrass him.
  • Mention some of the incidents running up to the wedding
  • talk about the bride and keep it sincere and complimentary
  • conclude with a toast on the bride and the groom

Here’s an example of a best man’s speech:

Hello everyone. I am (your name). I have known (groom’s name) since he was born. He was the only guy I knew that could (insert your own comment here). I remember the time when we were (keep this clean and neutral). When he met (bride’s name) he totally changed (like he always put the toilet seat down etc. ) I can tell (groom’s name) and (bride’s name) are very much in love and will have many happy years together. I would like to tell them both that it was a special honor for me to be asked to be a part of this wonderful day for them both. I and the rest of the wedding guests would like to propose a toast to the happy couple and wish them years upon years of blissful happiness and our best wishes.

There are many examples of best man speeches that you can find through the internet. However, these examples should only serve as your guide because it is very important that you create you own because it will be more appreciated. Check out some examples of best man speeches as well through the World Wide Web.

Get some funny best man speeches here

Every best man wants to conjure some funny best man speeches. Being asked to be a best man in a wedding is an honor that is why you need to make the best speech and make it funny. No one likes listening to serious speeches without a hint of humor and it will be even more fun if there’s a balance in between. If you want to create the funniest best man speech, here are some things that you need to do:

Prepare – it is always best to be prepared as this is no ordinary event. It’s a special day for the groom and the bride and this wedding will not be forgotten.You can write down your speech in a piece of paper and as much as possible memorize it.

Stay calm – if this will be your first time to deliver a speech in front of a crowd, always remember that you need to stay calm. If you don’t you will end up messing the whole speech or you will not be able to say the things that you need to say because you will surely rush the entire speech so you can sit down already. Remember that you’re doing this for your friend and this only happens once in your friend’s life.

Keep the humor under control – remember to keep everything in-control. Don’t say offensive words or other things about the groom that will make the bride feel awkward and the guests as well. Keeping everything neutral is best and make sure that every one can relate to it.

Appeal to everyone – this is very important because you will be in front of the whole crowd and everyone of them are eager to hear your speech as you are one of the people that is close to the groom. Remember that the guest can relate to your speech and they can understand what you are trying to say. Keeping the guests interested is the key to getting the message across.

Keeping these things in mind will help you create a funny speech for your friends, the bride and the groom. Just remember these things and everyone will appreciate your speech especially the groom. Your speech is very important not only to the groom and bride but for the guests as well. Making it also funny will keep the guests interested so follow these simple ideas on funny best man speeches and you will surely catch the attention of the guests and the groom and bride will definitely feel and appreciate your effort.

Some useful best man speech ideas

Do you already have some best man speech ideas? It’s almost your bestfriend’s wedding and you need to have a speech! Here are some ideas to help you create your own best man speech:

  • You can first thank the groom for his speech and asking you to be his best man.
  • Also, do not forget the bride and compliment her.
  • Toast to the parents of the bridal couple.
  • You can mention some funny incidents
  • tell the people about your relationship with the groom.
  • Come up with some jokes about his years of study, job skills, hobbies and achievements.
  • Remember to avoid nasty or rude best man speech ideas. Don’t go too far.
  • You can also tell some teasing anecdotes how the bride and groom have met.
  • Also, give some heartfelt comments depending on your own perspective on the growing relationship between the bride and the groom.
  • You can give some words of advice and your own ideas about love and marriage. This part you may be a bit sincere and emotional.
  • Lastly, propose a toast to the bride and groom, congratulate them and express your best wushes to the bride and groom.

These ideas will guide you in making your own best man speech especially if it’s your first time. Your speech should be heartfelt and meaningful because you are the best man and you are the closest friend of the groom. The speech you will deliver will make the most out of the wedding and the bride and groom as well as the guests will definitely appreciate it. It is also best if you write everything in paper and memorize it. Holding a paper during your speech will not be that meaningful so it is best that you memorize everything.

You can also share some stories about you and the groom and also about the proposal. This will surely give the guests a more understanding how everything started and happened during the proposal. Make them laugh and feel touched with your speech. Remember, you should have the best speech because you are the best man and you will be playing one important role in the wedding. Your speech should also be well-timed as this will help you a great deal if you are confident as how much time can be alloted to the speech. Be happy and confident and you will surely deliver the best speech possible. Following these best man speech ideas that are listed above is the best thing that you can do and will help you a lot.

Best Man Speech Examples

Are you looking for some great best man speech examples? Then you come at the right place! If you want to make your groom friend’s wedding day one of the most unforgettable day of his life as well as his wife then this article will surely help you. Being a best man is a huge responsibility you should take with extra care so as to help the groom prepares for this wonderful occasion of his life.

So to help you out, I gathered one of the simplest but powerful best man speech examples that will surely ‘wow’ your groom friend as well as his wife and the guests who are going to be present on that very special day.

Here is a best man speech example:

Hi everyone! I am (your name here). I have known (groom’s name) since (put here the groom’s age when you first met him or what date you and the groom started to become best friends). He was the only person I knew who (put something funny here about his trait and attitude). I remember one time when he actually (put something like when he tried to jump over the cliff – just make this statement clean, remember there are kids in the wedding). When he finally met (put the bride’s name here), everything in his world changed!

I know that (put the groom’s name here) and (put the bride’s name here) are very much in love and that this day will only be the start of a wonderful years spend together. I am much honored to be the best man of their wedding because I know just how important this day is to both of them which is why I’m very much grateful that they asked me to join them in their matrimony.

This should be the format of the best man speech example. Just make it simple and sweet and as I said above, make your speech clean as their will be some kids around. There are actually many kinds of best man speech examples readily available in the net today. There are also books for this kind of speeches. You can copy it or if you want, you can be a bit creative and try to mix and match one speech to another. Just jot down those important ideas and words and then gather them all to make one original and unique best man speech example that both the groom and the bride as well as their guests will surely love.

When preparing your best man speech example, make sure to let your true feelings show in your speech. Bear in mind that this is your best friend’s wedding so make the most out of it. Your speech should be one of the best highlight of the wedding day. It should be one of the speeches that everyone will forever remember especially by the bride and groom.

So if you want to get some best man speech examples, take some time out and browse the net for it or if you have some spare time, check out your local library or bookstore for some references.