Cold steel throwing knives

Cold steel throwing knives are known to be one of the best quality throwing knives out there because its blade is made from cold steel. Cold steel is known to be very sturdy unlike other cheap blades that can easily be bent with the impact of the throw or sometimes, can even break.

They say that if you’re a beginner and still getting the hang of knife throwing, your mentor or experts will advise you buy cheap throwing knives first because it is possible that if you buy expensive throwing knives, as a beginner, there is a possibility that you will break the knives. However, it is possible to find Cold steel throwing knives in an affordable price. There is also a brand, cold steel that caters knives in the market made from cold steel. Here are some cold steel knives:

  • Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Throwing Knife 13-1/4” Overall with Polypropylene handles. – it has a ring on its handles and it has been Cold Steel’s signature. The ring on the handles gives the blade a variety of advantages. With the handle, it gives versatility to the handler and provided a secure grip. The blade is broad and perfect for knife throwing.
  • Cold Steel True Flight Thrower – ultra-versatile and has a strong utility edge that is sharp but safe enough.
  • Cold Steel Perfect Balance Throwing Knife – hard and very efficient when it comes to targeting because of its weight and fully-sharpened clip point.
  • Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower – dagger like point and designed for the professional knife throwers.
  • Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower – this thrower is pretty heavy but will not wreck anything. It has a robust point that can drive deep in the target.

Cold Steel throwing knives are preferred by a lot of knife throwers and knife throwing enthusiasts, it is also very affordable. If you want to avail of Cold Steel knives and choose from a wide selection, the best place to search is thru the Internet. Cold Steel Knives will surely be a strong knife that will be difficult to break and made from good quality.

Its affordability and good-quality makes it popular to knife throwers. These knives are not only for beginners but also for the professional knife throwers. Knives like Gil Hibben are usually collectibles and not to be used in practice, however famous knives can be used during a competition while the Cold Steel throwing knives can be used anytime and anywhere. Cold Steel knives are very flexible and convenient to use. You just have to find the right Cold Steel knife that you will be comfortable for you and will make throwing knives easier for you, choose the perfect weight and the perfect balance will go with it.

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