Everything you need to know about an RCA to HDMI cable

Are you looking for an RCA to HDMI cable? Well, you will definitely find loads if you look online but before you purchase and before you get your hopes up; an RCA is used for analog signals while an HDMI is used for a digital system. Since you are looking for one, you might need to connect an RCA device to an HDMI device and you think the solution is this particular cable. However, once you get your hands on it and you connected both, it might be missing an output while it can be done successfully.

If it is missing an output, then your RCA to HDMI cable will be useless because you will need to get yourself a converter. Remember, there are some connectors that only carry Composite Video + Audio while there are some that carries RGB while others only carries Component Video. These are all not compatible with each other and they are definitely not compatible with the digital HDMI system.

You see, a simple RCA cable plugged at one end and an HDMI plugged at the other end cannot possibly work. A digital analogue box is really needed here and you have to make sure which direction you want the conversion to go. To cut this whole explanation short, an RCA to HDMI cable cannot really work without any converters.

That is also the reason why a lot of experts encourage people who looks for an RCA to HDMI cable to just but a new HDMI device because it’s cheaper and there won’t be any hassles anymore when it comes to connecting the devices. However, not all can afford it while others only need to transfer some files for a short period of time. They won’t be disappointed but their wallets will definitely be disappointed once they are about to purchase a converter, which costs more than a new HDMI DVD player and to think it will only be used once.

Aside from this, the ‘hassle’ begins when you are in the search for an RCA to HDMI cable. Sure, there are plenty of these cables online but how do you know if that cable will work and how sure are you that the seller is reliable? Even if you purchase from a reliable seller, it’ll still be a hassle since there is a big chance that you will need to purchase a converter that will cost you more or less $50. SO, should you really take the time in finding an RCA to HDMI cable or just get yourself a new device?

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