Finding the Perfect Pair of Flower Girl Shoes

It is that fateful day when your little girl is chosen to be a flower girl when you are very excited to get her a dress and flower girl shoes. Once you have picked out her dress, then consider half of the mission accomplished because you will need to find her the perfect flower girl shoes that will go with her dress and something your daughter wants and feels comfortable in.

Flower girl shoes come in sorts of styles. Since these shoes are made for young girls, you’re not going to find any with high heels but other than that, you will find just as many different shoes for flower girls as you would expect to find for adult women. Isn’t it really wonderful to be born a girl in our days today?

flower girl shoes

When it comes to choosing the style of flower girl shoes, make sure that you consider the season, what the bride wants, and what you can get your little girl to wear. There are open-toed shoes and closed-toe shoes that you can get for your little one. While there are some that resembles cute little slippers for a fairy princess that your little girl will think of Cinderella and there is a bigger chance that she will prefer this. Consider as well flower girls shoes with delicate straps and cute miniature buckles and lots of other tiny details that would look really awesome!

You can also go for Mary Janes which are readily available. If your flower girl is just a toddler, there are plenty of pretty formal shoes for this particular age, so, no worries!

Flower girl shoes are usually white. It is because it’s a popular color and it can be dyed to match any color scheme. These shoes range in prince from $20-$40, so you won’t be breaking the bank anytime soon until your little girl turns 16 or it’s her time to get married. Kidding aside, plain shoes are cheaper whereas hand-trimmed shoes add to the cost. There are a lot of wedding stores that will dye your shoes for free while there are some that charge for dying the shoes but they really don’t charge that much. You can also find shoes for flower girls in stores that sells cheap wedding shoes.

Your little girl being chosen as a flower girl at a wedding is one proud moment for parents. Prepare your little one and make her the prettiest and most adorable flower girl among the other flower girls!

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