Gil Hibben throwing knives

For knife throwing enthusiasts you probably heard of the Gil Hibben throwing knives. Gil Hibben is famous in martial arts and have earned a lot of awards in regards with his 50 years training of Kenpo Karate.

With this the Gil Hibben throwing knives are born by the famous martial artist. Gil Hibben designed the Kenpo knife which was his specialty in Karate. It is not only throwing knives but he also made a variety of knives and some knives were used in a movie such as Rambo and Perfect Weapon. Gil Hibben knives also have been featured in a lot of magazines and won awards.

Here are some of Gil Hibben’s throwing knives:

  • Hibben Silver Shadow Knife – this is a very special knife because Gil Hibben himself personally customized the knife for the United Cutlery in has a silver wire wrap that gives sure grip to knife throwers and Gil Hibben’s personal stamp engraved in the blade and it comes with a custom genuine leather sheath.
  • Hibben Double Shadow Knife – the design is quiote different from the first shadow knife Gil Hibben custom-made. The blade is divided into two by an extraordinary blade cut out.
  • Hibben Original Thrower Triple Set – this is the original Hibben thrower and is based on Gil’s own design and can also be used as a hunting knife. Perfectly balanced knife to assure rotation when thrown properly. This is the most popular knife in the market today and unfortunately, the most imitated.
  • Hibben Thrower II triple set – this is the 2nd version of Gil’s “thrower”.
  • Hibben Large Cord Grip Thrower Triple Set – this knife is quite larger and has a large grip.
  • Hibben Generation 2 Thrower Triple Set – Gil’s updated designs. Comes in three throwers in a sheath.

Gil Hibben’s throwing knives may be pricey but these are really worth the money especially for professional knife throwers. Sylvester Stallone is a long time collector of Gil Hibben’s knives. The throwing knives come in good quality and are mostly custom-crafted by Gil Hibben himself. Nothing will also ever compare to the engraved personal stamp of the famous knife maker in the world. That personal stamp is makes the knives worth buying.

Although some knife throwers cannot afford Gil Hibben throwing knives, it is still a dream for them that they long to achieve in the days to come. As a knife thrower, it is very fulfilling to at least own one Gil Hibben throwing knives. Gil Hibben knives are not only because he’s famous and his knives have been used in different movies, but it is also the quality it gives to knife throwing enthusiasts. The materials used came from the best quality and some are even crafted by Gil Hibben himself.

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