Lace Cami Bra: Why You Will Love It

A lace cami bra is the perfect balance between a bra and a camisole. Most of these cami bras are very simliar when it comes to shape because it resembles a sports bra but this is more elegant, sexier and feminine. This kind of bra is also best to cover up that cleavage especially if you have a low-neckline t-shirts, tops or dresses that you can’t wear because you don’t feel comfortable enough to flaunt your cleavage. In fact, this kind of bra is a life saver and it is also very vintage and classy looking because of its lace.


There are also two primary designs for this kind of bra, the first is like the sports bra as mentioned above. This lace cami bra comes down to just below the breasts and comes up higher at the neck while the second design is a more traditional design of camisole. It is cut similarly to a bra around the breasts and neckline but comes down to the waist. This is also often used by models and sometimes classified as lingerie as this is very sexy. Both designs are extremely comfortable and you just have to find the right size for you. Don;t worry because almost all the sizes are available. Also, these bras are also very versatile.


There are many stores and online shops that offer this kind of bras. This also comes in different colors and designs which will go with your shirts, tops and dresses. However, the most popular colors are of course the black and beige. Before buying a lace cami bra, you should keep some things in mind.


  • Make sure that the lace cami bra has adjustable straps.
  • You should also keep in mind that the fit of the lace cami bra must be kept in mind as well. This is because some may fit differently than your regular sized bras. These camis also come in small, medium and large as opposed to a cup size. That is why it is best that you try on some first before purchasing.
  • Check the materials as well. A satin and lace cami will feel very soft and smooth against your skin but just lace may be a bit itchy if the lace is not madxe from high-quality.


Now that you know what you should keep in mind when buying a lace cami bra, you should also know how to take care of it. You would want your cami bra to look good for many years. It is best that you always hand wash the lace cami bra as the lace is very delicate and don’t use too much soap. The water should also be lukewarm or cold. Also, avoid putting lace in the dryer as it will shrink the material and the lace will get deformed, so line dry it. As much as possible, avoid using harsh chemicals. No bleach as bleach is too harsh for delicate lace and will eat away all the fabric. Now, you can be assured that your lace cami bra will last through the years as long as you follow the simple tips listed above.

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