Log Cabin Siding

There has been an argument when it comes to log cabin siding. First of all, this siding makes your home looks like a log cabin. Thin log segments are used as siding for your log cabin home for good. It is known that this can provide you solid protection from insects and other elements. Also, it will give your log cabin home a more earthy and rustic appearance. However, the controversy circling around this cannot be ignored, this controversy was recognized by log construction of cabins and homes.

The manufacturers of log homes made from solid logs says that this can’t last for a long time and at the same time, it requires maintenance and care. However, the manufacturers of log cabin siding say exactly the opposite and this triggered an argument. They pointed out that siding doesn’t have the tendency to rot or shrink back from weather and time to create large gaps in between logs that need to be filled with mortar.

People who build log homes said that this would only be true with sub-standard building practices and materials. The use of cedars simply means that there will be no proneness for rotting, no insect problems and no shrinking or expansion despite the weather. Whole-log cabin builders also said that poor construction techniques are the cause of gaps and building it right in the first place will prevent that from happening. The use of log cabin siding is very little to the construction instead of attaching it to the exterior of the home.

log cabin siding

Today, log cabin siding is less difficult to deal with. Usually, they are made from pines or cedars and all the shrinking and expansion due to weather is avoided by treatment of the log splits with kiln drying and sealing it with borate for insect repelling and for UV protection.

There is also a log cabin siding that has full-log ends so they can be able to cross-cross at the corners for that rustic look. Now, if you find a company, make sure to do your research and make sure that they offer what you want.

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