Mosquito Eater Information

Mosquito Eater Or Mosquito Trap

A mosquito eater is another name for a mosquito trap. This is a product that can lure and trap mosquitoes and at the same time, eliminate them. It is called as such because it “eats” mosquitoes and hence, reduces their population. There are numerous products that use the term in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

There is a variety that uses methanol, methyl alcohol or liquid fondue fuel in order to create clean carbon dioxide heat and water vapor. Such fuel can be found in most paint and hardware stores. It also claims that the propane versions of mosquito traps are dangerous due to the use of pressurized gas lines and valves. Like other propane mosquito traps, a mosquito trap has been tested and proven to trap and kill mosquitoes, and it does not need an external power source or batteries in order to operate.

There is also a system that’s based on three attractants: carbon dioxide, octenal and heat. Such mosquito traps use these attractants to simulate a human being and draw mosquitoes to the trap, where they can be eliminated. It uses an internal microprocessor to control the levels of each attractant and maintain it at optimal levels for catching mosquitoes no matter what the temperature is. A mosquito trap like this can automatically turn the unit on at sunset and turn it off after 5 hours to make sure that the unit is always operating during peak mosquito hours.

Other Definitions Of Mosquito Eater

Crane flies are called mosquito eaters because some people find crane flies look like overgrown mosquitoes. Sometimes when the term is discussed, people think that it pertains to animals that eat mosquitoes. Well, there are really animals that eat insects, but they are not labeled as such.

A mosquito eater is a trap which is being sold in the market these days. If you are having mosquito problems in your home and you surely want to get rid of it, then you can check out these kinds of products online or in stores near you.

Mosquito eater

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