Shun Ken Onion Serrated Knife Set

The Shun Ken onion serrated knife set is sure to wow chefs and those who simply enjoy cooking in the kitchen. These are the features of this serrated knife set:

  • It is made with SG-2 powdered steel that’s hardened to 54 Rockwell. This results to a very sharp and smooth edge.
  • True Damascus nickel alloy/stainless with Clad combination.
  • Nickel makes the knives durable.
  • Being stainless means more resistance to corrosion.
  • The blade consists of three kinds of metal which gives it strength, sharpness and sturdiness.
  • Designed to maximize the blade’s glide across the cutting board.
  • Has a double dealing handle design and a stability bump on the lower portion of the handle that provides comfort and confidence while chopping or cutting.
  • The inner curve of the bolster forms perfect thumb and index finger rests
  • The widened bolster releases tension in the arms
  • Center point: zero balanced
  • The handle is curved downward to closely match the palm.
  • Has elevated handles in order to allow full contact between the knife and the cutting surface.

Shun Ken onion serrated knife. Click on the image for more details. The Shun Ken onion serrated knife set will be the perfect knife set in the kitchen. It provides a more convenient way of slicing, cutting, and chopping. Cutting through meat will be much simpler because as the serrated knife slices through it, your hand movements are being followed as well. Other knives usually require multiple back and forth slice movements before the surface of the meat actually gets sliced.

The Shun Ken onion serrated knife set is perfect for chefs and aspirants who diligently study the art of cooking. The serrated knives will greatly help in their cooking duties, especially in busy restaurants where food needs to be served right away. In the case of aspiring chefs, these knives will be ideal for training in time pressured cooking scenarios.

Equip your kitchen with this serrated knife set and you’ll surely never have to be frustrated and be worried about dull knives that have a tough time cutting through hard areas. Chefs and aspiring chefs out there will absolutely love these serrated knives. They will make preparation of dishes less demanding and much quicker. These knives never fail. The Shun Ken onion serrated knife is certainly affordable and has good quality.

The Shun Ken onion serrated knife is available on Amazon for just $139.95 through this link right here.

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