The best bench press tips

If you are searching for bench press tips then you have come to the right page. This article will give you information on the different tips when it comes to bench pressing in order to help you with you muscle building. Before we proceed on the different tips, ask yourself what area of the body do you want to enhance or build more mass? However, I will provide you with different tips for your arms, chest and shoulders as these are the reasons why a person bench presses.

Close grip bench press

If you are aiming for enhancement on your triceps and more mass on the area, you should do the close grip bench press. The close grip bench press is where both your hands are quite close together in the middle of the bar. When doing this, you should have your elbows tucked in at your side. This way, when your elbows are tucked in, you will gather more strength in your triceps area in order to lift the bar which will result with firmer triceps.

The other bench press tip is, when you are doing the regular bench press, use your whole body in the lift. Push against the floor with your lift. Your upper back muscles should be tensed and the upper back for stability. Always remember to push the bar straight up to reduce the movement distance.

Have a bench press routine

Have a bench press routine! Don’t just do the same routine all over again and don’t just concentrate on one particular exercise. A combination of flat bench press, incline bench press, dips and dumbbells will really give you the best results. Different routines will provide your bench press exercise to hit a plateau.

Know your weakness

Ask yourself what your weakness is when performing the bench press exercise and then concentrate on that particular weakness and overcome it.

Well-balanced diet and plenty of water in-take

Keeping yourself hydrated and eating a moderate and well-balanced diet will do the trick and plays a big role in your bench press exercise. In fact, this plays a big role in any exercise that you do. Don’t overeat and as much as possible eat healthy!

Break every end of each set

5 minutes break after each set in your bench press routine is highly-recommended. Don’t over train yourself.

Warm up!

Warming up before the bench press exercise will really help you. Cardio exercises will help as this will get the heart functioning well and gearing up your body for more heavy exercise.

There are some of the most essential bench press tips that you should follow and this will help you exercise in a more effective manner leading to more accurate results.

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