The Best Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are also known as shock cords. The cords are often used in parachuting to assist the opening the old-style parachute container right after the ripcord was pulled. A bungee cord is an elastic cord that form a core from more elastic strands. It is usually covered in woven cotton or polypropylene sheath. However, it does not necessarily mean that the sheath can extend elastically.

Assorted bungee cords

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Nowadays, bungee cords are used to secure objects. In this case, knots are not necessary anymore because of the hooking mechanism at both ends of the cord. The cord can absorb shocks from impacts, which are very useful especially for cargo shipping and hauling as well as in extreme sports like bungee jumping. These cords are available in different lengths and diameters with specialized hooking mechanisms that can cater to different tasks.

Once the cord is extended to its full length, it will then stretch and will automatically absorb the force of the impact. The hooks used for bungee jumping are called carabiner. These hooks can also be used in dog sledding where they absorb the shock for the sled dogs when the sled suddenly stops.

Bungee cords are also commonly used in the cargo industry. Since there are large loads that are tied down, a bungee cord this can support cargo containers and will also provide an easier way to load and unload them. This is very important because some of the loads of these cargos are valuable. Most of them require utmost care during handling and transport.

In addition, you can see bungee cords being used for hauling large and heavy furniture in a pick-up truck. This will make it easier and quicker to unload the furniture. The cords can also be used in cars to help pack away groceries and other heavy items and to make sure that they will be brought home intact. Other uses include stringing items in your garage or basement. Furthermore, instead of trying the boxes and other items with the use of a rope that is not at all designed to absorb shock from impacts, a bungee cord will be more useful due to its hooking mechanism.

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