What you need to know about Turtle Food

So you finally set up your tank and your turtles are sure having a great time swimming and basking around but do you know which kind of turtle food you should feed your pet? Are there any things you need to consider when feeding your pet turtle? Get all the details and answers you need below…

Turtle food is very important for your pet for them to live long and healthy. It is also essential that you choose the right brand and kind plus you get to feed them the right amount so as to avoid any health issues that may cause them their untimely death. If you don’t have much knowledge about this matter then you can always go and talk to your vet and ask which kind of turtle food you should feed to your turtles. You can also go to your pet shops and ask for assistance. If you have time why not browse the net and see which brand, type and just how much you should give your pet turtle.

One of the most important ingredients you need to look for on your turtle food is calcium. Variety is also necessary for them to live long and healthy. Though you can provide them some supplements, it is actually not necessary especially if you are already giving hem the right amount of turtle food. Supplements are not needed by wild turtles since they are healthier than those captive turtles.

Now you might think that if turtle foods are readily available in the market, then you can just feed them with any other foods and what I mean about any other foods is human food. Though some actually feed their turtles the same food we eat, it is still important that we consider some measures on this matter. Never feed your turtle dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Since turtles have no lactose dissolver in their digestive tract. Feeding them these kinds of foods will only make them very sick or this may even cause them their untimely death. You should not also feed them with canned or processed foods. Since these foods are high in sodium and preservatives, this will cause them some health issues. If you can not afford to but your pet turtles some turtle food then opt for more natural and fresh alternatives such as cabbage and other leafy veggies. Most of all never feed your turtle candies, breads, chocolates and other sweets. This will surely cause them a lot of sickness that may end up to death.

You don’t have actually to buy the most expensive turtle foods. You can buy those simple but high calcium turtle food in the pet shop. Just make sure that you feed them the right amount at the right time.

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