Turtle lagoon information and reviews

Turtle lagoon is advisable for small turtles and other small amphibians. This is great place where they can easily get in to their place for basking. This is great for baby turtles. It usually has a ramp which is an access to an elevated platform which comes in molded bowl shaped. You may also see that it usually comes with a plastic but safe palm tree on the top.

Turtle lagoon is great for small size turtles. Though this is only a temporary place for basking, you should as well set up the tank for future days since turtles can grow big. But while they are still small especially if you are only keeping one small turtle then opt for turtle lagoon for awhile. This will provide your baby turtle the home and world it needs. You don’t have to put up decors and even those gravels and sand since it has a small size. The plain lagoon will surely enjoyed by your baby turtles.

Here are some of the usual sizes of turtle lagoons you can easily get in pet shops and even from online shops selling amphibians and reptile equipments:

– Turtle Lagoon 14″L x 3″H
– Deluxe Turtle Lagoon Oval
– Turtle Lagoon – Oval (11 X 8 X 3″)
– Kidney-Shaped Tank (16 1/2″ – 10 1/2″ – 4 1/2″)
– One Island Lagoon With Palm Tree
– Jumbo Island lagoons

These turtle lagoons have mangrove tree or palm tree, repti-clean filter installing receptacle, staircase island with feeding station/area, anti-eacape barricade which is also use for optional filter, it also can be adjusted, has on/off switch (daylight as mid afternoon sun or bright light for sunny day), waterproof design, plug-in ballast and also has lift up stand.

Though some expert turtle owners actually do not recommend such thing for those who want to keep turtles as pets since it is not a good habitat for turtles. Some says that it can not hold as much water which can only provide your turtle’s shallow water which is not good for them since they love to flip over. Once turtles flip over in shallow water they might die.

If you are going to buy turtle lagoon then you’d better some researching. You can always browse the net if you want and from there you will surely get numerous kinds and types of turtle lagoon. Some has designs and styles which can be very eye catching. But what is important is that you read some customer’s reviews before you buy one. Find out if this will suit the needs of your turtles or is it just going to be a waste of your money. You can also aks your vet for more advice regarding the turtle lagoon.

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