What Do Medical Assistants Do

What do medical assistants do? Are you aspiring to become one yet you still don’t know the whole scope of work? Then, you are on the right page. What exactly are their responsibilities? Before you delve into the work scope of medical assistants, you should first be aware that being in that position means that you will become the wingman to your employer who is a doctor or a surgeon.

What do medical assistants do revolve around a lot of tasks. The job would revolve around task carried out at the front desk and in the back room as well. When you are at the front desk, you will be like a secretary but of a higher standards because you won’t be taking calls, mails, faxes and appointments but you would be the one responsible to keep in touch with various insurance companies with patients. Aside from this, you are the one responsible to keep track of all supplies and put in orders when it’s called for.

Now, that was the easy part. The challenging part happens at the back room. You would play the role as the co-doctor by taking down the patients information and basic routine test like weight and height measurements, blood pressure, filling up medical history forms and questioning and listening to them. Also, you would assist the doctor in simple medical procedures like drawing blood, cleaning wounds and removing stitches. What do medical assistants do may be overwhelming but once you’re there, you will definitely enjoy it. In fact, you will love it.

However, if you plan to become a medical assistant, it will be much better if you aim to be a registered medical assistant. This way, you are entitled to higher positions and higher salary. How to become a medical assistant is pretty easy, all you have to do is take a course or program that will enable you to become one and achieve certification tests to become registered.

A lot of people question what do medical assistants do and most of the time, when they found out, they become inspired to become one. It’s because the work is very fulfilling and satisfying. You will definitely feel that your brain is working and all your knowledge is being put into use, which is just perfect!

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