What is the best bench press routine?

The right bench press routine can help you have the proper strength to build muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders. This routine will be a part of your bench press workout. Whether you are working out in the gym or in your home, a routine is a-must. It is best that you change routines when you are working out on a bench press. Don’t stick with just one routine to avoid hitting a plateau. Rep changes are also recommended. If you are a beginner, naturally you will start with less rep but as soon as you get the hang of it, it is best that you increase your repetitions. This way you will be able to enhance your chest, shoulders and arms in a rapid time.

It is also best that you have a bench press that can be adjusted from flat to incline. Lifting weights while lying down is different from lifting weights when inclined. This gives different effects which will be very beneficial to you. Also, when lifting weights it is best that you try lifting dumbbells as well. Don’t settle for just one routine, try different routines every other workouts. This will cause you less strain.  Dumbbells will allow you to stretch deeper which can make you stronger. Lifting dumbbells can give you more strength when lifting weights.

A mix of flat bench press and incline bench press every workout will work best. Why don’t you try 15 minutes of flat bench press then rest, and then another 15 minutes for incline bench press? The best routine is a mix of flat bench press, incline bench press decline presses and dumbbell bench presses. A combination of everything during your bench press workout will work best and will really strengthen you and build strong muscles in your chest, arms and shoulders.

Resting between every set is recommended so you will not strain and stress yourself. Keep yourself hydrated while doing the routines. Doing each set for 15-20 minutes is enough. Also, don’t overdo it. After a workout you can rest for 3 days or 4 days before doing the workout again. Those who bench press everyday are experienced and well-trained but if you are only a beginner and still learning the different routines, rest for days before working out again. As much as possible, don’t train when your body is still aching because this can cause serious injury and you might not be able to lift the bar. A spotter should also be present when you’re doing these routines for safety.

Doing a different bench press routine every workout is perfect; this will enable your body to function well and to have the perfect muscles in your chest, arms and shoulders.


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