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It breaks my heart, flipping through magazine pages, seeing male models showing off their six perfectly chiseled abs and well sculpted muscular physique. Being the BIG, hefty 250-pound ball of pure fat that I am, I can’t help myself but envy every mass of muscle they have. Having been motivated by the painful societal reality where the V-shaped body structure is eye-catching, I tried to break away from the shackles of sedentary lifestyle and maybe if I just wished hard enough, there would be something that could give me a few dose of self esteem. Luckily, a good friend of mine recommended a martial art to kick off those bulky loads of fat – Cardio Kickboxing Workout that is.

All my life, I tried that tiresome routine early morning jogging, body toning over fitness gyms and that crawling and creeping thing with a big ball between your feet (whatever you call that). Moreover, I’ve been dancing over crazy tunes on Tae Bo and had enough of choreographed music on Aerobics where I end up having Last Song Syndrome. Nothing does more than what Cardio Kickboxing Workout does to me. A fitness program based on professional kickboxing disciplines, coaching science, and mixed martial arts training concepts, Cardio Kickboxing makes use of punching and kicking maneuvers to burn those bulks of fat all over your body.

Just a few glimpse of the work-out, I’ll show you how it is done. Punching is done with either fist. The front (forward) fist will do better with a straight punch, called a jab, to the target. The fist that is farther back from the target will do better with a forceful side punch, turning your body slightly into the punch. This will add force and will help the body build muscle.

Kicking has many variations; however the instructor will want to keep the kicking as simple as possible (in my case, very simple). To do a front kick, the student will support their weight on one leg (front or back) and raise the other leg in a fluid motion with the knee bent. Extend the knee forward to hit the target.
People of all fitness levels will get a full body workout by combining these simple movements at an active pace. When determining how to combine the stepping, punching and kicking movements, think about the overall body workout; try not to emphasize one movement over the others. Oops! Did I spoil everything?

It sounds quite simple but the actual work-out is surprisingly difficult to execute (maybe for a fat hog like me). The equation is simple: discipline plus determination plus a little inspiration (like Taylor Lautner’s abs) plus a few hundred bucks for the training equals a healthy V-shaped physical contour. Oh! Did I mention about eating a well balanced diet? Like any other exercise program, they should go hand-in-hand.
Through Cardio Kickboxing Workout, I lose a miraculously 75 pounds in just six weeks! Now, I don’t have to envy those buffed men on magazines because I know, Cardio Kickboxing Workout can make me even better than them.

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