How to improve your bench press technique

A bench press technique will help you build the perfect muscles in your chest and in your arms. There are simple techniques that you can do when working out and lifting weights on a bench press.


One technique is to find the right grip when lifting the bar. The perfect grip should have your forearms exactly in a 90° angle. A closer grip must be used by people who have triceps. A close grip can be done by moving both hands together when gripping the bar. For those who don’t have strong triceps, a wider grip is recommended. Remember that it will take quite a few workouts on the bench press before you get used to a new grip.

Work on weaker areas

Another technique is to work on weaker areas. When you work-out on a bench press there are 2 motions that you do the upward and downward motion. If you feel like you’re having a hard time lifting the bar you should concentrate on that particular weak area and vice versa. Your shoulders take much of the stress at the bottom of the movement because your triceps work hardest at the top of the movement.

Warm up!

If you are a beginner, warming up your body before going to a bench press is proven to be helpful and it is strongly recommended as well. Maybe you can some cardio exercises before lifting weights. This will keep your body in-condition and strains and stress during the whole exercise can be prevented. However, if you are an expert or have been doing bench press workout for quite some time now, you should already know this.


It is also said that resting 2-5 minutes after each set is one useful technique as well. Why rush it, right? You will only stress yourself out and will result to nothing because you will get tired easily and frustrated which will lead to a bad workout. When you “max out” it only means that you are using a different energy system in your body. Don’t rest for more than 5 minutes!


Inhaling and exhaling during your bench press workout is another useful and helpful technique. Before lowering the bar, inhale and hold your breath. A more solid torso will be created in order for you to generate more power.




Remember to always use a spotter for every workout! This is very essential especially if you’re lifting really heavy weights. A spotter will be there to assist you and to keep the bar moving upward in a continuous motion.

…to top everything off

Lastly, do not over train, have a well-balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated. There is no more explanation needed on these things because you already know the reasons why as these are automatic. A bench press technique will guide you to get the best muscles in your chest and arm area.


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