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The Essence of Reiki – Certified Usui Reiki Master Home Study Course: Review

Reiki masters, Adele and Garry Malone share their experiences and knowledge in this home study Reiki course/Reiki lessons. The Essence of Reiki – Certified Usui Reiki Master is based on the original teachings of Usui Reiki. You will learn to practice and master Reiki in a simple, step-by-step manner.

This home study course covers all 3 levels of Usui Reiki:

Reiki 1 – Certified Reiki Practitioner Level. Being a Reiki practitioner can help you, your family, and friends. At this level, you will learn about:

  • the origins and history of Reiki
  • the five Reiki principles and the Chakras,
  • the Reiki hand positions,
  • how to use Reiki to treat yourself, others, pets, and much more

Reiki 2 – Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner Level. As an advanced Reiki practitioner, you can treat people from the distance, treat the community and start Reiki practice as a business. At this level, you will learn about Reiki lessons:

  • the sacred Reiki symbols and how they can be used to send Reiki across time and space to heal events and issues in your past, present and future.
  • how to send Reiki distant healing to anyone anywhere in the world and much more.

Reiki 3 – Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Level. The final course concentrates on becoming an Usuki Reiki Training Master to train people. At this level, you will learn about:

  • the Master Symbol
  • how to do Reiki 1, 2 and 3 attunements as well as distant attunements, and much more.

What You Get:

  • Home study course that covers all 3 Levels of Usui Reiki
  • Distant attunements for all 3 levels of Reiki performed by Adele and Gary
  • Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 e-Certificates
  • A Reiki Lineage Chart
  • 1 Reiki Chant MP3
  • Lifetime support via email, blog and newsletter
  • A bonus FREE Reiki Practice Toolkit with the essential things needed in the Usui Reiki practice and business once you want to establish your Reiki Practice.
  • 4 Bonus MP3 Reiki Meditations

Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund within 8 weeks.

This package is available online for just $97.

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Chikara Reiki Do Review

Chikara (meaning powerful in Japanese) Reiki Do was introduced by Reiki master Judith Conroy. From her London-based office, this couple have been helping lots of students from all over the world.

The Chikara Reiki Do starts with self attunement. The Reiki attunement ritual connects a healer with the source of Reiki energy that comes from God or The Source. During this process, your chakra or energy centers are activated to access the Reiki energy. Then you can use it to heal yourself and others.

Judith believes that you can do the attunement process yourself and that you do not need a Reiki master to do it for you. The process is also much simpler than other Reiki attunements. You can actually become a master in Chikara Reiki in just 48 hours with these Reiki lessons!

Chikara Reiki Do is one great alternative for those who would like to learn and become a Reiki master without the regular requirements, which takes a lot of time and investment.

This Reiki course is unique and provides you with access to three different Reiki self-attunements. After going through the self-attunements offered in the course you can become a:

  • Chikara-Reiki-Do Master
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Tibetan Reiki Master

You actually get 3 self attunements and 2 distance attunements in this great package.

Once you have learned the various attunement ceremonies and want to take your Reiki knowledge further, this course shows you how to run your own Reiki Practice.

You can also use the videos that are included with these Reiki lessons as a resource to help you train future Reiki masters and guide them through the various Attunement Ceremonies on your own.

What you get:

  • unlimited access to the online video webcast which will guide you through the complete Reiki Master self-attunement ceremony
  • Judith Conroy’s bestselling 173-page electronic book, Radical Reiki – A Radical Life, which will tell you in great detail everything you need to know about Reiki, self-attuning, and how your life actually works.
  • Two bonus videos that you can also download, showing you exactly how to carry out the Chikara-Reiki Do and Usui Reiki Master attunement ceremonies for others.
  • Full certification
  • 90 days help and support

The complete energy of Reiki is truly there inside you right now.

Becoming a powerful Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, Usui Reiki Master and Tibetan Reiki Master within 48 Hours just couldn’t be easier… and you will really save yourself many hundreds of dollars!

Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund within 8 weeks.

At this moment the Chikara Reiki Do package/Reiki lessons is available online for just $97.

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